“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

– Albert Einstein

Maybe you’re wondering…

How something as simple as sound therapy can help you correct what ails you.

I get it. We tend to think we need complicated solutions for the conditions that cause us pain and suffering.

The fact is, sound therapy is simple. It’s also elegant and effective, and the results can be profound.

Modern science has caught up with what our ancestors knew centuries ago: sound therapy has remarkable healing properties. It helps shift your body out of fight-flight-freeze into a state of deep rest and relaxation where meaningful healing can occur.

Sound therapy is quite simply good medicine for your body, mind and spirit.

If you’re ready to feel like your old self again; if you want pain relief, release from anxiety or depression, or to simply feel back on track and in flow with your life, schedule a session and experience sound therapy for yourself.

Biofield Tuning and sound healing sessions are conducted both in person and from a distance. Group sessions are also available.

Multiple session packages are available at a discount.

“I’ve been a client of Annie’s since 2006. She has an uncanny sense about where and how to work on me to help me feel better. She’s great at helping me understand the underlying emotional and mental threads that can be contributing to my pain. Annie has the gift to heal, both body and spirit.’”

Martha C., Architect

“Annie is a healer. I was feeling unsettled and ungrounded, and left my sessions centered, calm, present. On a deeper level, I felt an opening – an unwinding as old wounding cleared – and a lightening.”

Genny H.