How to have a great day before you even get out of bed…

I’ve created a morning practice that’s helping me land in my sweet spot, before I even get out of bed!   

The practice actually came about ‘by accident’ (which we all know is really divine intervention in disguise). 

I was lying in bed one morning about a month ago feeling sort of sludgy and uninspired. (you know that feeling?)

Instead of doing what I normally do–get up and make coffee and move into the rest of my day–this particular morning I decided I wasn’t going to let myself get out of bed until I changed how I felt

What followed was a series of five things that I did–and have continued doing–every morning ever since.

It’s proving to work wonders by helping me feel more groundedfocused, connected and on purpose–and, at the same time, lighthearted and free.  

That’s my idea of a sweet spot!  

Curious to try it?
Do these five things before your tootsies ever hit the floor in the morning:

1) Say ‘Thank You’.
2) Ask God, the Universe, Source, or your Higher Power for help. 
3) Decide how you want to feel. 
4) Think of someone to check on (and then do it!) 
5) Say Thank you-and send out love-before you fall asleep.

1) Say ‘Thank You’.  

• Wake up and let these be the first two words out of your mouth.
• Then start naming the things for which you’re thankful. 
• When you flood your system with appreciation, your brain releases dopamine and serotonin, which are two of the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters. 
• As the saying goes, ‘what you appreciate, appreciates’.  

You’re already off to a good start.

 2) Ask God, the Universe, Source, or your Higher Power for help.

• My favorite thing to say is Caroline Myss’ prayer “God, please hover over me”. It takes a nano second and seems to cover all the bases. (If I need/want to elaborate, I do–but that’s my #1 go-to prayer).  
• Asking for help sets us up to be helped! It signals to the Universe we’re open to receiving support–and prevents us from thinking we’re trudging through life alone, or that we have to do everything ourselves.
• The trick is, we have to ask!  So get on in there and ask away.   

3) * Decide how you want to feel. * 

• Yep, how you feel is a decision!  (I’m sure there are exceptions to this, but just roll with me here…) 

Like it or not, you are the warden–and wizard–of your inner world and how you feel often boils down to making a decision. 

• This is true whether times are good, mediocre, or not good at all.
(This move can feel impossible when you wake up feeling wonky, ill, heartbroken or just flat-out-sick-of-it-all. But hang in there, and reach for self-compassion on those days). 

This is not about being a pollyanna or pretending life is all sweetness and light. It isn’t. Life is beautiful and it’s brutal, and then, well, you die…(hey, I’ll be here all month! ba-da-bump.) 

As long as you’re alive, you might as well realize that how you feel is in your hands. This is a brave and incredibly freeing way to live.

Which brings me to…

• There are so many ways to feel. It’s sort of like being at a buffet…what do you want??? 

Is it to feel peaceful? lighthearted? focused? empowered? supported? supportive? trusting? loved? loving? determined? curious? centered? present? generous? dignified?  

• Decide how you want to feel–and set an intention to feel that way. 

To embed this, recall a time you’ve felt that way. Conjure up a specific memory and let the feeling wash over you. Sense where you feel it in your body, and let yourself bask in that sensation for 20-30 seconds. 

(Tiny tip: you might have to revisit your intention multiple times during the day. After all, life happens and can throw us for a loop! Just tune in to your intention again, and get yourself back on track.) 

*** Do not get out of bed without doing this step. This alone will change your life! ***  (other than that, it’s no big deal…)  

4) Think of someone you can check on–and then do it!

• We all have people we’ve been ‘meaning’ to call–or write–or visit. 
• Be the friend that initiates contact. You don’t have to talk for an hour. It could be for 3 minutes.  
• Not only will you make their day, you will make your own as well.
• We all need to feel cared about–and it matters that we look after one another. Besides, none of us is going to be around forever, so get to it!

5) Say ‘Thank You’ again–and send out love–before you fall asleep. 
(Ok, this one you do at night, but you get the point…)

• Look back over your day and express thanks for everything that happened. Even if it wasn’t good. (Because sometimes what we think wasn’t good, turns out to be good, we just don’t know it yet). 
• Send out love to those you care about–and for extra credit, to those you don’t.  

Don’t take my word for any of this stuff. Try it yourself and see what happens. 

Maybe it’ll help you land in your sweet spot before you even get out of bed!