On your mark, get set, go!

For the past several weeks, I’ve been feeling like this woman looks (ok, minus the warmup outfit).

Nothing’s wrong in my life–in fact, everything is very right!  But the pace has been fast and furious and I’ve had a series of deadlines that have all converged at the same time.

Whenever I have weeks like this, I can practically hear the clock ticking and I go into what I call my ‘administrative stance’:  head down, no time for chit chat, just “get ‘er done” mode. 

You could say I get a teeny bit tense. Ok, not teeny, more like a coiled spring.  

Then I hear myself succumb to the good ‘ol American battle cry: “I’m busy!!!” 

What a cry it is. Seems everyone’s crying it: “I’m busy! I’m crazy busy!” 

Now I like to be busy as much as the next gal……..oh, wait.  No I don’t!

I actually hate being busy. It makes me edgy and tight.

I prefer being engaged.  (Not to be married, mind you.) Engaged, as in, savoring life. 

There’s a big difference, and I can feel it in my body. 

Being busy feels like one big contraction, as if a taut band is around my middle and across the back of my neck. It feels like I’m being squeezed all day long. (Who doesn’t want that??) My vision is narrowed and I don’t feel inclusive. There aren’t a lot of possibilities in my world except for the ones right in front of my face. 

Being engaged, on the other hand, feels open and spacious, as though more room just opened up inside. The feeling is one of ‘ahhhhh’….like I just took off a full body girdle. The area around my neck feels long and I can take easy breaths in and out. Don’t tell anyone but I also have a sense of humor and am more interested in them.

Webster’s dictionary defines ‘engaged’ as ‘establishing a meaningful contact or connection’. 

There it is. 

Being engaged is about connecting as opposed to accomplishing, opening up instead of tightening down. There’s an easy, relaxed quality to it where things seem to flow instead of churn. 

Busy is a buzz word. It might be the socially acceptable way of being in our current world but it sure doesn’t make you a good human. It doesn’t even make you an interesting one. It simply makes you a busy one. And a tense one, too. (Just what we need, a little more tension on our planet.)

When I shift out of busy mode into being engaged, my world changes. It’s as though the aperture of my life opens up. Possibilities abound and I feel more alive, connected and present. 

Not only do I still manage to meet deadlines, but I also get to savor life’s simple pleasures: the cool morning air, blueberries and almond butter on my favorite cracker, the warm hug of an old friend, Harley’s soft kisses on my feet when she’s lying under the table. 

I’m reminded, yet again, it all boils down to choice.

Will I choose to be busy or will I choose to be engaged? 

I pick door number two.

How about you? 

I love hearing from you. I’m all ears. xo